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"I am absolutely loving the videos so far that I have had an opportunity to watch! Such valuable helpful tips and information!! So happy I decided to join this Club."

- Amy S.


It’s a unique platform, which connects passionate nail techs, dreaming about successful career, with world class experts, who have already done it and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you, so that you can make THOSE dreams YOUR reality much faster.

It’s a place, where we’ll be working on the nail skills, business and marketing strategies in a painless and simplified way.

"Learned so much from the photo segment, never thought along those lines before. Wow so much common sense, I need to stop over thinking and keep it simple."

- Sandra M.

exclusive courses on a wide range of topics to improve your techniques and grow your business

additional tools to help in your career

connect with other like-minded techs to help and support each other

a place to ask your questions and hang out together



an exclusive interview with an Expert (or a topic covered by Ela only) to get you inspired, motivated and ready to take action

Experts’ Techniques

a mini-workshop covering technical skills, or other topics to help with the business and career side, e.g FB Ads, business systems, etc.


hang out with Ela and other Members, and get your questions answered during this live monthly session. Get inspired to take a massive action!


connect, support, ask questions for the live session and have fun hanging out with the right, like-minded and supportive people

New Bundle of goodness will be added every month,
so you can stay focused and motivated on improving your skills and business.

"Its going to be a really nice place to be and we are going to learn so much. I am so grateful its given me the kick I needed"

- Marie S.

Nail Experts Club is unique because of its mission and the vision behind it.

The Nail Experts Club, the inner-circle, is a place, where we can surround ourselves with successful people from various areas, who will help us build an amazing career, improve our technical skills and condition us for success by keeping us inspired and motivated.

Because we need it all!

We need to learn and be able to do well-structured, long-lasting, beautiful nails AND we also need to learn how to present, promote and sell it, so we can make a living by doing what we love.

That’s why we’ll be delivering a valuable content every month, which is designed to help with every aspect of making your dream career become a reality.

That is our promise to you.

The Nail Experts Club is for you if…

You’re a nail tech, who want to be truly successful and enjoy nice living by doing what you love

You want to learn from world class experts to push your career and business

You want to surround yourself with like-minded people who you can build friendship with

You want to be part of a positive community, where we all lift each other up

The Nail Experts Club is NOT for you if…

You don’t want to connect with people worldwide

You’re not willing to invest in yourself and your business

You’re only looking for a place to sale, promote your products or courses

You’re not interested in learning from successful people

"I'm so excited for this. I have never felt so excited about my business and moving forward. It's going to be great"

- L. Smith

About Ela Loszczyk and the Nail Experts Academy

I’m Ela Loszczyk founder of the Nail Experts Academy and I know, that for so many of us, planning ahead, working on our business as well as the skills, may be quite overwhelming… because we’re creative people!

But the truth is, that to actually turn our passion into a career and make a living by doing what we love, we need to start thinking about it, as a business.

I’ve learned that the hard way myself, but through determination, focus, lots of learning, taking actions and getting help, I’ve managed to build a very successful business and career.

I realized that there are many people, who struggle too due to the same aspects I was going through in the past…

I wanted to do something truly meaningful in my life, so I set up the Nail Experts Club – a platform, where nail techs could come together, learn from the experts, get a massive dose of inspiration and clear steps, techniques and strategies to follow. Also, to escape all the drama and change their environment to a really positive and uplifting one.

I’m happy to say it’s proving to be a huge success.